Enter the following transactions into accounts of Marino Ltd. for the month of December 2018.

  • Dec 1 started business with cash Shs. 850,000 and a car worth 1,500,000
  • Dec 3 Transferred Shs. 500,000 of cash into business bank account
  • Dec 4 Bought goods Shs. 250,000 on credit from Maria
  • Dec 6 Sold goods Shs. 100,000 on credit to Kimondo.
  • Dec 8 Returned unsuitable goods Shs. 50,000 to Maria
  • Dec 10 Cash sales Shs. 60,000
  • Dec 12 Bought goods shs. 150,000 on credit from Tambale
  • Dec 14 Bought machine shs. 500,000 for use of the business on credit from Sidio Ltd.
  • Dec 17 Paid amount owing to Maria by cheque
  • Dec 18 Obtained loan for shs. 1,000,000 from Wakuru Saccos, being cheque received
  • Dec 19 Paid Sidio Ltd. the amount owing by cheque.
  • Dec 20 Sold goods shs. 100,000 on credit to Felix.
  • Dec 22 Kimondo settles her account by cheque
  • Dec 23 Felix returns goods shs. 25,000
  • Dec 29 Cash sales shs. 55,000 paid direct into bank
  • Dec 31 Felix settles his account by cheque

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James is a sole proprietor having a small store. Following are the transactions during the month of January, 2018. Journalise them.

  • Jan.1 Commenced business with cash T.shs 80,000
  • Jan.2 Deposited cash with bank T.shs 40,000
  • Jan.3 Purchased goods by paying cash T.shs 5,000
  • Jan.4 Purchased goods from Mwinuka on credit T.shs 10,000
  • Jan.4 Paid carriage on purchased goods T.shs 500
  • Jan.5 Sold goods to Joykim and received cash T.shs 11,000
  • Jan.6 Paid salaries by cash T.shs 5,000
  • Jan.7 Paid Mwinuka by cheque for the purchases made on 4th Jan.
  • Jan.8 Bought furniture by cash T.shs 4,000
  • Jan.9 Paid electricity charges by cash T.shs 1,000
  • Jan.10 Paid Municipal taxes in cash T.shs 5,000


Nathan is a trader dealing in Tiles. Pass Journal entries for the following transactions for the month of January, 2020.

  • Jan.1 Commenced business with cash T.shs 70,000.
  • Jan.2 Purchased goods from Majuto on credit T.shs 30,000.
  • Jan.3 Cash deposited into bank T.shs 40,000.
  • Jan.4 Bought a building from Polepole on credit T.shs 95,000.
  • Jan.5 Cash withdrawn from bank for office use T.shs 5,000.
  • Jan.6 Cash withdrawn from bank for personal use T.shs 4,000.
  • Jan.7 Old newspaper sold shs. 2,000
  • Jan.8 Tiles taken over by Nathan for personal use T.shs 12,000.
  • Jan.9 Paid for advertisements shs. 1,000.
  • Jan.10 Goods (Tiles) used for office use T.shs 200.

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Pamela is a sole trader dealing in soft drinks. From the following transactions, pass journal entries for the month of March, 2018.

  • March.1 Commenced business with cash shs 4,000,000.
  • March.2 Cash deposited into bank shs 3,000,000.
  • March.3 Purchased goods from Lwambano and payment made through internet banking shs 900,000.
  • March.4 Sales made to Kamau, who deposited the money through internet banking shs 10,000.
  • March.5 Sales made to Lilian, who made the payment by M-Pesa shs 60,000.
  • March.6 Sold goods to Karen, who made the payment through Tigo Pesa shs 50,000.
  • March.7 Dividend directly received by bank shs 2,000.
  • March.8 Money withdrawn from ATM shs 3,000.
  • March.9 Salaries paid through Airtel Money shs 6,000.

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Nyang’ombori is a dealer in stationery items. From the following transactions, pass journal entries for the month of January 2018.

  • Jan.1 Commenced business with cash shs. 2,000,000.
  • Jan.2 Opened a bank account by depositing cash shs. 1,000,000.
  • Jan.3 ‘A 4 papers’ sold on credit to Wema shs. 600,000.
  • Jan.4 Cheque received from Wema shs 590,000 for full settlement of shs. 600,000.
  • Jan.5 Bank charges paid shs. 5,000.
  • Jan.15 Cheque received from Wema, shs. 590,000. was dishonoured.

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Nyabitage is a dealer in Spare parts. From the following transactions, pass journal entries for the month of February, 2015.

  • Feb.1 Sold goods on credit shs 2,000,000.
  • Feb.2 Purchased goods on credit shs 800,000.
  • Feb.3 Bad debts written-off shs 60,000.
  • Feb.4 Bought Motor Van for Cheque shs 590,000.
  • Feb.5 Charge 5% Depreciation on Motor van which costed shs 590,000 – Straight line method.
  • Feb.15 Trade discount of 70,000 was given to customers.

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Komanya is a sole trader dealing with sale of milk. Pass Journal entries to record the following transactions for the month of January.

  • Jan.1 Sold motor cycle for shs 600,000.
  • Jan.2 Bought a new motor cycle from Wajama shs 800,000.
  • Jan.3 Bought new machine for business shs 200,000.
  • Jan.4 Paid new machine installation cost shs 50,000.
  • Jan.5 Paid shs 26,000 for repair of machine.
  • Jan.6 Sold goods on credit to Mwajabu shs 120,000.
  • Jan.7 Received discount from Wajama shs 12,000.
  • Jan.9 Komanya allowed discount of shs 8,000 to Mwajabu.
  • Jan.15 Trade discount of 7,000 was earlier given to Mwajabu.

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